Our Competencies

Government Relations

  • Public Affairs
  • Direct Lobbying of Legislative and Executive Branch Agencies
  • Grant Management
  • Direct Marketing/Government Procurement to Federal/State Departments & Agencies

We offer the key to improved relationships with government sector decision-makers and public opinion leaders. By utilizing our government access and public affairs and project management expertise, we strive to simplify your dealings with critical decision-makers in the public arena, protect your valuable reputation among influential decision-makers, and unlock potential public-private partnerships previously unforeseen.

Business Development Strategies

  • Export Management/Promotion
    • Direct Sales facilitation
    • Identification of potential distributors/production partners
    • Accessing finance for customers in emerging markets
  • Strategic Finance Planning for Public/Private Ventures
    • Finance, Mergers, Divestitures, Acquisitions and CEO advisory services
  • Pairing Private Sector Services and Technologies with Government Needs/Missions

Capital Advocates and its highly skilled professionals are equipped with the expertise to help our clients incorporate new business development and growth strategies. Services include creative public and private financing options for commercial or public/private ventures, assisting with the sale or acquisition of businesses, and export sales management to open or expand markets. Through strategic analysis of current client capabilities and objectives, we aim to identify potential private sector and government partners and relevant public policy needs at the appropriate level of government.

Strategic Communications

  • Public Relations
  • Internal/External Communications
  • Project Management

Effective communications and public relations are essential for businesses to capitalize on opportunities and help meet their strategic challenges. Our team provides strategic counsel, guidance and implementation support for managing the critical communication issues between the organization and its audiences. Capital Advocates team of professionals helps clients understand, enhance and manage the perceptions of their organization in the eyes of their critical audiences via consistent, clear two-way communication efforts. Through a careful analysis of our client's key constituents, their perceptions of the organization, their actions that result from those perceptions, and the drivers of information that will improve those perceptions, we are able to help clients manage their internal and/or external messaging to employees, the media and public opinion leaders.

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